MUSCA participates in the DEMO 2014 conference

Our team member pass!

The DEMO conferences focus on emerging technologies and new product innovations. They have earned their reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies, and have served as launchpad events for companies such as Palm, E*Trade, Salesforce, Webex, Tivo ,VMware and Fusion-io and thousands of others.

MUSCA has taken part in the DEMO Fall 2014 edition in San Jose (CA, USA), sponsored by the SAP Startup Focus Partner Program, that is, the ticket for participation has been subsidized by SAP corporate sponsorship for attending the conference.

The Demo conference has been a great chance to network with other teams interested in building, or already building, B2B solutions analysing data for marketing and business strategy purposes. Several talks have also provided inspirational insight into new developments of the area, and finally, talking to international participants was a chance to learn geography-specific trends.

Also the participation to Founders/Challenge workshop sessions has been very useful, given the diversity of points of view provided at one about the same topic, and the possibility to discuss in first person usual problems encountered in early development stages, and strategies to circumvent them.

Among the highlights of the day, the launch event of the new startup by Steve Wozniak, Primary Data.

The team of Primary Data at DEMO 2014


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