MUSCA visits the Neo4J team in San Mateo

One of the members of the project MUSCA, Antonio Andrea Gentile, is currently visiting the team of Neo Technology in San Mateo, California, USA.

The visit originated from the participation in the “Graph Connect 2014” conference, the 4th conference dedicated to developments, use cases and success stories of the adoption of the graph database most widely adopted at the moment.

The intent of this visiting period is to evaluate the “graph database” noSQL technology, and understand if it may be a viable opportunity to be implemented for the storage of the data crawled as part of the MUSCA activities. In fact, quoting the founder of Neo Technology (E. Eifrem):

One compelling reason, then, for choosing a graph database is the sheer performance increase when dealing with connected data versus relational databases and NOSQL stores (…) with a graph database performance tends to remain relatively constant, even as the dataset grows. This is because queries are localized to a portion of the graph.

Now, MUSCA is leveraging precisely on the connectedness of the people who are referring their opinions about a certain brand or product, in order to provide more insight and reliability in both the depth of the analysis as well as the prediction of future trends.

It is meaningful, therefore, to evaluate a technology that, even if still evolving, has already been adopted by big players like eBay and Walmart!

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