The core of the project originated from a merge of different competencies, which were developed from the current partners in different scenarios.

The “Social Network Analysis” research group of the University of Salento had successfully developed algorithms and methods derived from Graph Theory, Data Science and Quantum Paradigms, for applications mainly in two different sectors:

• Security purposes, and in particular the surveillance of online communications in social networks, to improve the tools available for police forces to counteract terrorism and criminal activities;

• Resource Management in companies: human resources, to scout hidden competences and roles among the employees, and optimal allocation of tasks, according also to Process Mining and Link Analysis techniques.

Advantech and SPHERA are spin-offs of the University of Salento, which have cooperated with national and international industries, gaining expertise in the development, integration and customization of ICT platforms. In particular, they have deployed solutions for:

• strategic planning, governance and financial planning;

• monitoring systems, statistical analysis and previsions of socio-economic impacts, market research and analysis;

• development and construction of databases.

Finally, MenAtWork has developed several projects with industrial partners for Natural Language Processing solutions, leveraging on key competences of data mining, text mining machine learning (supervisioned or statistical), pattern recognition.

Advantech was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of the University of Salento and is made up of skilled staff, who has cooperated with national and international industries.
Over the years, it has gained high-level expertise in the development, integration and customization of engineering platforms to support the development of complex products.
Advantech implements projects and actions for continuous improvement of business processes, engineering and the ability to simulate the operation and performance of the designed systems. External support will be required for development activities in the Semantic Analysis, so to complete the know-how of the staff.

The SNA research group of the Univ. of Salento – Dept. of Innovation Engineering will contribute to the MUSCA project providing its ten-year experience on Social Network Analysis models and tools. Currently, within the PON research “Sintesys”, the group is working on information processing and decision making models inspired by cognitive models of quantum mechanics. Starting from these past experiences, the group intends to increase its competence for quantum mechanics formalism, applied in tools interpreting social phenomena and detecting communities.

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, is an international leader in electronic and information solutions for defence, aerospace, space, security, high-integrity surveillance, network management, information security and mission-essential services.
As a world leader in high technology systems and sensors with extensive experience across a range of sectors and domains, Selex ES is able to meet the diverse needs of customers who require first class solutions.
Given these experiences, Selex ES will contribute to the development of web data acquisition technologies, of the integrated platform implementation and the final tests.

The spin-off S.P.H.E.R.A. s.r.l was founded at the University of Salento, with a core business in the following fields, of interest to both big companies and Public Administration:

– Strategic planning, governance and financial planning;

– Development of information systems and technology for the improvement of processes and services;

– Design, implementation and management of monitoring systems;

– Development and construction of databases;

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