Project architecture

The MUSCA project aims to create an innovative integrated system able to analyze, plan, investigate multi-modal data sources. The data are extracted from the main platforms for social networking and communication tools.

The core of the platform MUSCA regards the monitoring activities as a listening plus understanding process, where technology, analysis and communication competences are used together to identify and control the reputational trends observable in the web.

This project will define new models and innovative techniques of web data crawler, semantic analysis, and reputation computing. Finally, it will be implemented a dashboard for a complete data analysis and visualization that will aim to validate the technologies investigated, the architecture and the system requirements.

The tool will consist mainly of the following modules:
– A crawler to collect the data extracted from all major social networks;
– A semantic analyzer for the sociograms construction, based on content analysis performed on exchanged information;
– A SNA computation engine, for social network analysis metrics and community detection;
– A reputational computing tool;
– A dashboard for the integrated and dynamical visualization of statistical reports (social analytics and web analytics);
– A prototypal module based on multi-agent models for reputational computing.