What are the next steps?

Within mid-2015, we plan to have an alpha version of our platform, embedding most of the key characteristics, and able to display its potentiality. We will share this prototype with a few selected early adopters (we have already agreements with some partners in Italy, and we are looking forward the possibility to enlarge this set to US partners).

After that, we will use the feedbacks to prepare a beta version of the product ready for a final testing in late 2015 – early 2016. The follow up will be minor refinements and commercialization of the product.

We hope that this injection of novel analytic and predictive capabilities, along with the integration with well-known specs of softwares which are already off-the-shelf, will boost the rate of adoption of the platform. We plan to be a major competitor of alternative predictive analytics solutions, especially among those customers for whom it the connection between the performance in social media and the warehouse management is strong, and therefore the insight in the brand reputation can drive business decisions almost in real-time.

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